Wedding music in Franciacorta: some ideas for the reception

Are you planning the wedding, the most beautiful day of your life? Restaurant, florist, jeweler, dress … what a struggle! And have you already thought about the music for the reception? Which would you like to be the soundtrack of a day that promises to be unforgettable? Here are some ideas for your wedding music in Franciacorta!

Wedding music in Franciacorta: aperitif, after dinner or both?

Why do we talk about Franciacorta? For the beauty of the places, for the sumptuousness of the locations, for the high culinary offer. A wedding in this fantastic territory deserves a musical accompaniment of absolute importance. Very often Franciacorta is chosen by spouses from the other Lombard provinces, from Milan to Cremona, to guarantee a magical place where emotions and fun meet in a particularly welcome mix.

And now we come to the music. The first thing to ask is: at what time do I wish there was music? Each couple has different preferences: there are those who want a background to the arrival of the couple, some soft music during the aperitif, those who prefer to wait in the evening and let the guests unleash in an exciting dance. Or all three things. Understanding at what moment of your day should echo the notes is essential to frame the type of music and musician.

Wedding music for reception in Franciacorta: band

One of the most popular choices sees bands as protagonists of notes and colors, generally made up of four or more elements. From jazz to fusion, from rock to pop, there is nothing left to do but choose the repertoire you prefer and which promises to be engaging for your guests.

Two or acoustic trio

Instead, there are spouses who prefer more collected situations, for example with a nice background during the aperitif and with something more incisive during the evening party. A nice duo or acoustic trio like voice and guitar or piano, voice and sax, are the preferred option for those looking for elegance without giving up an active participation of friends and relatives.

One man band

Very often, the bride and groom decide for a “one man band”, that is to say only one artist who manages the whole musical part: she can do karaoke, group dances, have fun doing the DJ, pick up the guitar and improvise some songs by singing the less fearful. In this case, be sure to choose a versatile personality that also knows how to entertain and manage every situation.

And if you are still in doubt about the location, come and visit Villa Calini: sumptuous rooms, wide spaces and beautiful gardens are ready to welcome you to celebrate your fate together!

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