From the garden to your Christmas table

Christmas is coming. A highly anticipated annual appointment that accompanies us from a young age, when we lived joyfully waiting to set up the crib and above all to discard the gifts below the tree. But Christmas is also synonymous with a laid table. A tradition particularly felt in our homes, with the typical dishes of grandmothers in the center. A long history of flavors that endures with vivacity.

In today’s article we want to give space to vegetables: how to use vegetables in Christmas recipes? And above all, what are the best vegetables to create dishes with a “wow” effect?

Christmas vegetables for tasty dishes

Let’s start with the artichokes, a very versatile vegetable that lends itself to excellent Christmas dishes. Ideal in form of cream as a dressing for pasta and lasagna or to enrich salads, artichokes can be cooked in different variations, such as au gratin and baked, and used as a side vegetables.

Now let’s move on to the pumpkin. With a well-known sweetish flavor, at Christmas it is perfect baked or used as a cream. And not only: it can be used to make delicious desserts, such as example the Christmas braid with pumpkin and spices.

Other vegetables suitable for Christmas preparations are courgettes and aubergines. Cooked, baked or boiled, they are combined with sauces and as a side dish of meat together with potatoes.

We conclude our overview with leeks au gratin with cheese. A very tasty dish fast to prepare that will give you a delicious aroma.

Cappotto restaurant of Villa Calini. Genuine cuisine with local vegetables

The Chef Alessandro Cappotto, at the head of the Villa Calini restaurant in Franciacorta, is well aware of the value of authenticity and flavors of home. This is why every day is committed in first person in the cultivation of vegetables from the vegetable garden owned by the Villa, according to a philosophy that enhances the ingredient in its essentiality. A choice synonymous with quality, safety and freshness that satisfies the palate and the mind. Discover the Christmas menu of Villa Calini.

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