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Discover our menus. You can find menus for every occasion, from your leisure dinner to your business lunch.

Business Lunch

Bring well-being to your week with Chef Alessandro Cappotto’s Business Lunch.

Selected ingredients, light and fresh recipes ideal for people who want to have a tasty break or conquer their colleagues and clients with a sparkling offer.

Fill up with energy, dive into the beauty of the Villa and charge your e-car through our e-station in our parking lot.

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At Villa Calini hospitality and helpfulness are important values.
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Home Made: this is Villa Calini’s concept. From bread sticks and pastry to the most renowned recipes, everything comes from the expert hands of Alessandro Cappotto and his staff.

Natural and local are the keys of Chef Cappotto’s winning formula. Everyday and every season, he is the author of a Mediterranean and pure cooking, through authentic zero-km following the meaning  of the “real-farm-to-table” philosophy, involving the use of natural products of our vegetable garden and other ingredients strictly selected from the local area.

Cooking as a way of living, a path embracing taste and pleasure in all dimensions.

Come and visit us to taste our menus which include solutions also for celiac disease and other intolerances.

Biological cooking
in Franciacorta

Taking care of your diet by choosing natural food and products from organic farming is an increasingly popular choice.

In step with the times, attentive to the customer needs, Villa Calini offers refined recipes with a special “Bio-Naturalmenu for real organic food lovers. Not simply a vegetarian and macrobiotic menu, but a “reconsideration of what is essential” , as Cappotto loves to define it, where Zero-Km products, ingredients from strictly local and biological farms are used.




An atmospheric restaurant for every event

Chef Cappotto takes you into the most important moments of your life.
Are you looking for a romantic restaurant in Franciacorta?
You are in the right place: our Villa and a high quality cooking will surprise all your guests, sublimating your special moment in a magical night.

Sumptuous rooms, XVII century architectures, magnificent gardens, care of every detail for a dream coming true: your love dinner.

Villa Calini is the right choice to celebrate ceremonies and events, in a charming place with top quality, “real-farm-to-tablecooking. Weddings, baptisms, confirmations, anniversaires, birthday parties, business meetings, bachelorette parties : taste, smell and sight find their highest satisfaction.

Quality, safety and freshness of every single meal, vegetable garden products and biological farm ingredients. A real attention to the taste, smell and sight for genuine and local meals: this is the philosophy of Villa Calini.

Alessandro Cappotto

Born in Rome in 1969, Alessandro Cappotto developed his culinary skills thanks to his passion and desire to test new cooking procedures. He worked in Italy and abroad collecting prestigious experiences.
He came to Brescia in 1992, becoming name partner of Castello Malvezzi. In 1998 he began his career as a teacher at Cast Alimenti in Brescia.

He writes as a contributor for various magazines and publishes personal articles about his philosophy and culinary creativity; in this regard, see the volume “Racconti di cucina al Castello Malvezzi” (Cooking Tales at Castello Malvezzi, TN), produced in collaboration with the writer Carla Perotti.

Chef Cappotto, leader at Villa Calini’s restaurant

Alessandro Cappotto received several awards for ongoing research, for the extraordinary creative contribution developing a new and unique conception in food and wine due to his passionate knowledge in food raw materials and extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The unstoppable willingness to question himself to open horizonts brought our Chef Cappotto to lead Villa Calini’s restaurant together with his family, in a dimension in which human side and professional come into a new synergy.

Chef Alessandro Cappotto

Nato a Roma nel 1969 e da sempre interessato alla dimensione territoriale della cucina, Alessandro Cappotto nel 1986 inizia un coinvolgente tour formativo attraverso l’Europa e fino all’Asia, nel quale apprende e approfondisce importanti tecniche culinarie e colleziona prestigiose esperienze nelle più grandi realtà gastronomiche italiane ed internazionali.
Approda a Brescia nel 1992 diventando Socio titolare del Castello Malvezzi e nel 1998 inizia il suo percorso da docente presso la Cast Alimenti di Brescia.

Scrive come giornalista pubblicista per varie riviste del settore e pubblica personali contributi riguardanti la propria filosofia e creatività culinaria; vedasi a tal proposito il volume “Racconti di cucina al Castello Malvezzi”, realizzato in collaborazione con la scrittrice Carla Perotti.

Lo Chef Cappotto alla guida del ristorante di Villa Calini

Numerosi sono i riconoscimenti che Alessandro Cappotto ha ricevuto a livello internazionale per la fervida attività di ricerca, per lo straordinario apporto creativo nell’ideazione di curiosi abbinamenti enogastronomici e per l’appassionata conoscenza delle materie prime e dell’Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva.

La voglia costante di rimettersi in discussione e ampliare gli orizzonti dell’arte culinaria ha condotto lo chef Cappotto alla guida del ristorante di Villa Calini, stavolta insieme alla propria famiglia, in una dimensione nella quale l’aspetto umano e quello professionale si trovano uniti in una sinergia nuova.

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