Confessed baptism. Ideas for a perfect result

You longed for it, for 9 months you spent whole days dreaming like it would be … and now your little one is there, in the arms of mom and dad. Ready to grow and give you the most beautiful joys in the world.

After the happy moment of birth, it is now time to think of the Holy Baptism. An important event to devote the maximum attention, with a ceremony that promises exciting and that deserves to continue with a nice party with friends, relatives and loved ones.

Feast of baptism: how to organize the confetti corner

There are many aspects to organize for a baptism. Among these you can not miss the corner of confetti, highly anticipated in each reception. There are many ideas you can put in the field, independently or by helping you as an expert. Here are some guidelines to orient yourself to the best.

Confectionery tastes for baptism

Let’s start with the tastes of confetti. On the market there are dozens of delicious flavors, from classic almond to chocolate, from seasonal fruits to creams. To make everyone happy, we suggest you propose at least 5 – 6 different flavors and possibly opt for the soft filling, which does not create problems for your teeth. And pay attention to the brand of confetti: not always with the cheap ones you get a deal!

To distinguish the various aromas you can buy confetti marks to match each container or jar. If you love creativity, you can try your hand at making personalized confetti marks.

Confetti for baptism: and the candy?

Whether there are other children or not, sweets always like them. Marshmallows, pacifiers, gummy fruit: you can really go wild to give your table of confetti an even more colorful touch and above all … greedy!

Organza, lace, cloth, paper. Which bags?

You will also have to think about the bags, so as to allow your guests to bring home some candy in memory. There are many materials to use, each with a wide variety of colors and patterns: organza, lace, fabric, paper, rice paper, cardboard boxes. Much depends on the mood of baptism and the budget available. To each choice will be then combined notes and closing ribbons.

Confetti for baptism: at what time of the party?

To find the confetti corner ready when the guests arrive? Or find out at a specific moment of the party? Here, too, the choice is up to you. We suggest to dedicate a precise moment to the beginning of the sugared almond, to generate the amazement of those present after a bit of “suspense”.

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